We are in love with the outdoors. 

Nature can be so wonderful that sometimes, its beauty hypnotises us to a point where we forget that it is being hugely affected by the way we are developing as a society, and not taking care of our own home. 

This is a call to all the outdoor lovers, who have their finest time admiring the wonders of nature, to contribute towards monitoring New Zealand landscapes, and making people aware that Climate Change is really happening, and affecting everything around us at a fast speed.

Whenever you bump into one of our photo stands, take a picture of that landscape, and send the photo to us. Pretty much everyone carries a camera disguised as cellphone nowadays, so let’s make good use of it!

By doing this, you will be taking one step as someone who cares about the way things are going, and is taking action to change this path. 

Keep taking those steps. We really need to help ourselves to continue living here in this wonderful and pristine planet.